Thursday, October 20, 2011

I. Must. Go. Running.

I know, I know. It is so hard to keep up with your schedule and than add running to the mix. Believe me, been there done that! I also know how bad running in the cold sucks! Like my previous post said, I really need to go shopping for appropriate winter running clothes. Lately, I have been having difficulty running in this weather we are having. No matter what, I try my best to run at least three times a week outside. Preparing for the colder weather now will boost my ability to run when it get's to be freezing outside.

The basic reason why I run even when it is freezing outside is so I can be ahead of the game when spring roles around. Next May, I plan on running the Pittsburgh Marathon. That is 26.2 miles. The only way I will ever be able to do that is if I start training now. So, I must go running. Even if I wasn't training for a marathon, I would still run. Taking long periods of time off from running in the winter will just make it harder for you to start up again. That being said, I hope you will stay keep running even when it's frigid outside. I'm not saying to run for hours in the freezing cold, but at least three miles, three times a week. If necessary there is always the treadmill. Personally, I would rather take on the cold air than a treadmill. I don't feel like I get a good run on any machine, but that is just me. Don't kill yourself, but just remember how hard it was to run when you first started and that is what will happen if you ditch all efforts now.

Believe me the bitter taste of the frigid air and the burning that runs through your chest as you take each breath in is all worth it once you can breeze through an 8 mile run.

Here's some more winter clothes for running:
Note: It is better to sweat than be sorry.--A frequent runner.

1. Fleece Jacket!
C9 Champion Women's Fleece Athletic Jacket
2: Ear muffs are a must!

DEGREE black ear muffs
Price: $14.99

3. Under Armour!
Women's longsleeve Coldgear
Price: $49.99
I know it's expensive, but it's necessary.


  1. You should try these ones out Adelyn! They are the best.

  2. I should definitely look into special cold weather running wear. Anything suggestions for snowy conditions?

  3. That fleece jacket would be perfect to have!

  4. Yes, the fleece jacket is awesome and the best for snowy weather. It is especially important to buy long, socks to keep your feet warm. Eventually once you run for a long time you will no longer be freezing, you will be sweating. :)

  5. There is already a trademark in progress for a "Shut Up and Run" blog. Just so you know.