Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Great Race

Photos Courtesy of Google Images

One week from this Sunday, I will be participating in The Richard S. Caliguiri Great Race held in Pittsburgh. I ran the race last year and I fell in love with the course, which you can see above. The 5k track was not as difficult as I expected since it was mostly downhill, but the race is fun and fast paced just like the city it is held in. The freeway makes up a majority of this course, which can be challenging to run on since it is nothing but concrete. However, the sound of 'pit pat' coming from the runners shoes around me made it easier to stay focused on finishing the race. I highly suggest this course for new runners. It isn't too difficult,  yet it gives you a taste of running races. Unfortunately, registration is already closed since every running spot has been taken, but it is definitely a fun event to attend! My goal is to run the 5k at 28:00, which will beat my time last year of 29:30. Wish me luck because it is going to be a difficult week of training. I will without a doubt be telling myself to shut up and run.

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