Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Here's a link to a running blog from the Runner's World website.  It's very informative and has beneficial advice for runners. Below is my review of one of the posts.

The blog for beginners only is extremely helpful in understanding where to begin if you are a first time runner. The blogger comments about how important it is to have a goal with running. When I first began running, my goal was to get in shape. Before I knew it my goal became to run just to become an overall healthier person. I also enjoy the challenge of running. I compete with myself to see how fast or how far  I can really go.  Now that I run races, running does more than just help me stay in shape, it helps me to release any aggression or stress I have bottled up inside.

In this particular post, the blogger also discusses training plans. I can’t stress enough how vital it is to have a running plan if you want to become serious about running. If I don’t schedule in when I am going to run each day of the week, then I will never run when I’m supposed to. It is very easy to get side tracked and think of all important task you have to complete before the day is, but I always tell myself that my health comes before anything else.

Running plans are even more important when you are getting prepared for a race. This is when cross-training needs to become a part of your schedule. Simply put, cross-training is just a mixture of whatever workouts you like. For example, I love to run stairs and striders. Stairs help me to build muscle and  pick my legs up when I’m running, which helps to faster and endure more miles. Striders help me to work on my form. Like I said before, form is very important and striders will help you to find your form.

What I like most about this blog is what the blogger mentions about running every day of the week. Some people think you should run every day, but coming from someone who used to run every day, it’s really not a good idea. Like the blogger says, you have to give your body a break. You need “recovery time” or else your body can have a break down. Even just one day of rest was good enough for my body to recuperate.

Just like the blogger says in this post, your running plan needs to be what works for you.  I used to follow a running plan with my running partner, Miranda, but then I realized her running skills were way too advanced for me to follow the same plan. I would do some workouts with her, but I would make sure I did it at my own pace. In addition, as you continue to run and build more miles and become more advanced in cross-training then your goals with running will change, which means your running plan needs to change. I change my running plan up every month at least. I get extremely bored with running the same routes, so I will sometimes try new runs/workouts. Doing this helps me to grow as a runner.

This blog was written by a writer for Runner’s World, so I know its suggestions have merit to them. Taking advice about running if you are new runner is what will help you the most to get started. As always don’t forget to just shut up and run!

Here's my comment on the blog:

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